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Hi Anon!

Thank you for participating in the Star Wars Rare Pairs fic exchange! I love fic exchanges. I love Star Wars. I love rare pairs. Gosh, this sounds FUN.

First off: I'm down for just about anything. Gen. Character pieces. Tarot art. 5+1s. Alternate Realities. Chibis. Fancast videos. Racebending. Genderbending. Crossovers. Smut. Hit me.

My Do-Not-Wants: Mostly revolve around body horror, bathroom play, pregnancies, and infantilism. Also: I'm old and do not understand A/B/O. If that's your thing, try to write it without leaning on the reader knowing how the omegaverse dynamic works? Because I don't and Wikipedia has failed me.

Onto the pairings:

1. Karrde/Wedge

I love pirates! I love pilots! This crack ship was something my mother came up with while I was going to school, and I've always wanted to see something come of it. It's loosely fueled by a scene in HttE where Mara was angry about Karrde sending her on errands for hotshot pilots, and a scene in LotF where Karrde and Wedge exit the same taxi during the send-off for Luke and Ben.

Why does Mara hate hotshot pilots? Is this a frequent errand she gets sent on? Why were Karrde and Wedge in the same taxi? No, seriously, why were Karrde and Wedge in the same taxi?

I think that Wedge knows Karrde through Booster and Mirax. Karrde probably knows Wedge because of his proximity to Luke and Leia. Maybe Wedge went to Karrde for revenge after his parents were murdered and Booster told him to stay cool? Maybe Karrde used Wedge as a pawn in a long con involving Luke? Maybe Karrde went to the best pilot in the galaxy for secret flying lessons after Mara left him? Maybe they're in an AU and Wedge walks Karrde's dogs while he's away on business trips. It's a crack ship, and I know it. Anything to feed the plot bunnies would be great!

2. Syal Antilles Fel/Soontir Fel, Wes Janson/Syal Antilles Fel

I feel like I'm the only one that ships Syal/Soontir? It's canon! I just. I don't. I. Where are you, fandom?

Okay, admission time: I've always been an Imperial girl. I love my rebels, but I've always seen myself in the Empire. Maybe it's the architecture. Maybe it's the uniforms. Maybe it's the ships. Maybe it's Baron Fel? IDK. I'm a sucker.

Syal Antilles is one of my favorite characters in the Legends series. She's the proverbial face that launched a thousand ships: beautiful, smart, talented, ambitious -- she's Wedge Antilles' older sister, run away from home to become a successful actress. They paint her up and parade her around, but she's really funny and secretly trying to make the galaxy a better place? Baron Fel is this straight lace military man who works for the Empire because it's the right thing to do, but he sees the empire as a crumbling structure with shitty politics, so he defects to the rebels! Except his wife is still an imperial celebrity and the last person Wedge Antilles wants to help out is an imperial pilot that, you know, married his sister? So Syal figures out how to get out of the limelight (read as: gives up her successful career to help her husband/make the galaxy a better place), and then Soontir goes BACK to the Empire. Long story short, they have babies. LOTS OF BABIES. And like, their amazing babies get together with Leia's amazing babies, and they have A JEDI/EMPIRE LEGACY SERIES. A whole series.

tl;dr: Syal is the All Mother.

And then I threw Wes Janson/Syal Antilles Fel into the mix, because WHY NOT? I can totally see Wes accidentally meeting up with Syal and them hitting it off famously, until one of them realizes who she is. Maybe Wes knows who she is the entire time and he's just infatuated with the idea that he's living in Wedge's weirdest nightmare? Maybe he doesn't put it together until he's regaling Wedge with the story and Wedge mentions something like, "Gosh. Sounds like Syal. WEIRD." (Spit take.)

So, some ideas I've been kicking around: Syal's first acting gig, fresh out of the fueling station. Syal's big break into showbiz. Syal bringing feminism to imperial propaganda videos. Syal keeping tabs on family. Syal dealing with her husband being on opposite sides of the war from her brother. Soontir feel about knowing he could murder his wife's baby brother at any point. Wedge reacting to the fact that he can no longer pretend Soontir isn't dating his sister. Wedge reacting to Janson interacting/dating his sister. Anyone having a favorite Wynssa Starflare movie. Someone adlibbing lines. SOONTIR FEL SINGING ALONG WITH A ROMANTIC SOUNDTRACK.

Are you an artist? Can you recreate a famous movie poster with a Star Wars twist and throw Syal into it? Want to do a classic air force propaganda poster? Draw Syal as a pin up girl? Draw Soontir as a pin up girl? ;)

These are the things that keep me up at night.

3. Revan/Carth

One of my all-time favorite OTPs is Revan/Carth. I play a Light Side Female Revan with a Scoundrel background. She wields dual pistols. She and Carth occasionally argue over who gets what blasters. My first playthrough was brutal, because I never put points into Force powers or lightsabers? So I wound up chasing Malak around in circles, laying traps, and trying to kite him into them. It took over an hour to defeat him. And then Carth asked how Bastila was and I was like, "Great -- wait, Bastila?"

I'm a sap. I love Revan/Carth. I love them being healthy and supportive of each other. And I've always wondered what catastrophically horrendous thing Revan left Carth for; you know it was so bad that she didn't plan on coming back and she didn't want to take him down with her.

Or, I don't know, maybe Carth is some SWTOR character's grandfather, and they're trying to figure out some key piece of information about a mission/side-quest, but the old fogey won't stop talking about his ex.

If you're into musical inspiration, my Revan/Carth playlist includes "The Sun" by Maroon 5, "Downfall" by Matchbox Twenty, "Home" by The Foo Fighters, and "Say Something" by Great Big World.

4. Revan/Dustil

Because I am an asshole.

I have a weakness for Dark Side Revan. I believe that Dark Side Revan could have used her persuasion powers to drag Carth down to the Dark Side with her, instead of killing him or herself. Or maybe Carth fell violently out of love with her, and she took Dustil as her apprentice to spite him?

What if Dustil's a really shitty apprentice and she decides to have him killed? Or maybe Dustil's a really great apprentice, and Revan's actually impressed? Maybe we're far enough in the future that Revan's gone and Dustil's starting the Revanite cult that appears in SWTOR? Or maybe Revan realizes Dustil is a good kid and the whole thing turns into a redemption plot?

There is an epic tragedy waiting to be written there; I can feel it.

5. Jessika "Testor" Pava/Temmin "Snap" Wexley

Hey, remember when I said I love pilots? Sweet baby banthas, do I love pilots. Just give me a big ball of orange jumpsuits; I'll be good. I'm good.

I love Jessika Pava. I love that she's a tiny firecracker. I love that she's a nerd. I love that she is a total fangirl. I love that she's a bit of an introvert? And that she's so young and so dedicated to the craft? She's perfect.

I love Snap. I love Mr. Bones. I love that Snap made Mr. Bones as a teenager, because what technically savvy teenager DOESN'T make their own murderbot as a pet project? I love Snap's weird complicated relationship with Wedge, and Han, and Leia. I love that Snap's parental unit consists of three women and two men (so far!). I mean, this guy, this poor guy, has to have had the WORST TIME through adolescence: he's enough of a nerd that he probably educated himself on the holonet instead of seeking an adult for guidance, and then JUST IMAGINE FIVE PEOPLE AND A DROID trying to walk you through dating protocol? Or even worse: NO ONE ever gave him a pep-talk, because one dad shot him, one dad was too nervous to accept the role, one mom was absent, and the other two were hands off? I just ... Oh, Snap. I love you, man.

I ship Snap and Jessika. Part of it is because I love age gap relationships, part of it is the height difference, but most of it is the pilot/nerd thing. I imagine they get into the best geek fights: 'I am the biggest Galactic Expansion fan ever.' 'I've been playing longer than you've been alive.' 'But have you cosplayed the Goddess of Naboo?' 'Of course I have, and the original creator LOVED my genderbend, thankyouvermuch.' Nerd out on this one, please.

I also want to know what happens when Jess realizes Snap's close with Wedge? Like, Wedge TWO DEATH STARS Antilles? SHUT. UP.

6. Leia Organa/Evaan Verlaine

Along the pilot love vein, I have also listed Leia Organa/Evaan Verlaine. I see these two as more of a partnership than a romantic relationship, but I'm not picky. I love that Evaan is taller and broader than most comic book women. I love that Leia is a tiny little dictator. I absolutely adore their banter in the Leia comic. I love that they teamed up on something of a dare, and I thought it was absolutely adorable that they flew against Wedge and Luke. I really hope Evaan has a much larger role in the future.

Also, their outfits are perfect.

I think it'd be adorable if they went on some kind of adventure together. Maybe Leia's taking lightsaber lessons and Evaan teaches her how to grapple. Or maybe they're at some kind of political ball and Leia takes Evaan as her date, but Evaan keeps insisting she's just the bodyguard? Or maybe Evaan takes Leia out somewhere where she can grieve without looking emotional after she learns about about Han and Ben.

7. Poe Dameron/Johnny Jaquobis (Killjoys)

I didn't know this was a thing until this fic exchange. I now need this to be a thing. Goodness.

I'm not sure where this would go. I imagine it has something to do with ships and flying and sarcastic commentary about ships and flying. Maybe Poe hits on Lucy? Maybe BB-8 knows Lucy? Maybe the Killjoys were hired by the First Order to track down Skywalker? Maybe Poe hires the Killjoys to track down Finn's parents? Maybe they're bickering about parenting? GASP. Maybe they met at a discussion group for kids that lose their moms. o_o;

Honestly, my mind keeps jumping to "no shit, there I was" stories in the cockpit.

This could be awesome.


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