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Hi Anon!

Thank you for participating in the Star Wars Rare Pairs fic exchange! This was super fun and challenging last year and I'm SO GLAD YOU'RE HERE THIS YEAR. <3

First off: I'm down for just about anything. Gen. Character pieces. Tarot art. 5+1s. Alternate Realities. Chibis. Fancast videos. Wacky music montages. Racebending. Genderbending. Crossovers. Smut. Hit me.

My Do-Not-Wants: Mostly revolve around body horror, bathroom play, pregnancies, and infantilism. Also A/B/O? I don't get it. Sorry. :(

General Likes: Scoundrels, pilots, spies, secret agents, con men, and badass ladies.

I like fics that play with the psychology behind morally grey characters: do they rationalize working with drug lords and slave trafficking? Or do they just prefer to shoot first and get paid later?

I love hurt/comfort, whump, combat scenes, mind games, and when the writer nerds out about something they're passionate about. I may not know anything about podracing, but if you as the writer want to project your decade long love of podracing onto Alexsandr Kallus, I support your nerd playground.

This year has been all about the ISB for me, and with that has been a lot of research and theorizing about mind control, indoctrination, body alteration, identity crisis, childhood/adult education, military protocols, chemical persuasions, poisons, and you know, all those awkward dubcon/violence questions you Google at 3 AM when you're writing spy dramas. So if you're in a darker mood, I'm totally game for something gritty.

I'm also a pretty big fan of cheesy humor and puns, so if #murdermurdermurder isn't your jam, I will be just as happy to read any self indulgent laugh-fest premise you care to dip your toes into. I'm pretty easily amused, I assure you.

Okay? Okay.

Onto the pairings:

1. Wes Janson/Derek "Hobbie" Klivian

Okay, when I said I like pilots, I may have been downplaying it a little. I've been absolutely infatuated with Wes Janson for about 17 years now. No joke. One ewok joke and I was done. Sold. In love.

I love the bit where his droid tries to kill Luke Skywalker. I love the ewok jokes. I love that his first kill was an ally. I love that he struggles with that continually. I love that humor is a defense mechanism. I love that he's in his 70s and he's still shamelessly hitting on Jaina Solo. I love that he has enough of a moral compass to immediately regret having hit on Jaina Solo. I love that he's probably settled down and moved in with Hobbie somewhere along the way. I love that Hobbie is the brains of the operation. I love that Hobbie has basically been taken apart and put back together. I love the angst that has to have come from all that time in hospitals. I love that he doesn't exude that anger. I'm convinced that they work so well together because Hobbie is angry and focused, and Wes can balance that out with his extreme cool. And Wes is so depressed and reactive that Hobbie manages to keep his head in the game.

I'm 90% convinced that Wes and Hobbie have been in an open relationship since the beginning and they are their only touch-stones for reality. I think that if one of them died, the other would just unravel on the spot and cease to exist. With that in mind, I think there's potential for some pretty angsty fic, or value in some pretty god damn fluffy fic. TBH, I could take these two in a coffee shop AU and still be ecstatic. (I mean, Hobbie is the guy that has flown to Argentina to smell the flowers and get soil samples so he knows where his coffee is from, and Wes is totally the guy drawing dicks in his latte art. WHERE IS THE LIE?)

Also, I'm absolutely heartbroken that Wes isn't in the new canon yet. Well. Mostly. I'm also terrified that he will appear in the new canon and be completely disposable. (Honestly, I thought they were going to just bring him up and murder him in the first chapter of Battlefront II. WHOOBOY.) So ... I'd love to see your interpretations of them for the new canon? Hobbie showed up with Wedge in Rebels, but hasn't been mentioned anywhere else. Did they stick together? Did he go somewhere else? What happens to them after Hoth? Are they part of Wedge's flight school in Aftermath? Are they secretly Rey's parents? DID THEY JOIN THE CHISS??? THESE ARE THE THINGS I HAVE PONDERED SINCE TFA.

2. Soontir Fel/Syal Antilles Fel

Syal Antilles is easily one of my favorite characters from the SWEU. I've even cosplayed her. I love that she struck out on her own and stuck with it. I love that she saw what she wanted and she took it. I love that she's smart and pretty and has great taste in boys. I also love that she's basically the queen mother of two empires? I mean, she's the face on all the propaganda posters for Palpatine's empire, and then she's the mother of Emperor Fel... IDK. Maybe it's just me.

Soontir Fel is a badass. I kind of love to hate him. He strikes me as one of those gruff action stars from the 80s and 90s -- like he should be in The Expendables. He's an ace pilot but he's always getting caught? He's always in the wrong place at the wrong time? And he's always got that stubble that you can light matches on? I feel like his heart is in the right place -- wanting to keep his wife and kids out of trouble -- but he's not the best at executing those plans. I also love that he just kind of trusts Syal to be able to take care of herself; he never defects and stops to think, 'awh shit, my wife's still in the imperial limelight, maybe I should wait for her to stop filming and grab a flight to the outer rim before I defect to the rebellion...'. He just does what he needs to do and knows she'll make it. I love that.

There is woefully little fan representation for Soontir and Syal, so I'm game for anything here. If you want to write something fluffy, maybe like, IDK, them both doing a publicity stunt and appearing on the Galactic Dating Game or something? He gets all the questions wrong about her favorite designers and she gets all the questions right about his ships and military experience? I could totally see that.

Or maybe you want to write something darker about ... how they've run through escape plans for when shit hits the fan? Maybe they've run their kids through escape plans? Maybe Soontir's defection to the rebellion isn't the first time she's received bad news about him and she's just so tired of receiving condolence letters that it's no big deal? Maybe she's more afraid of a clone husband coming home than actually losing him. Something to ponder.

Maybe you want to just go completely whimsical and re-write your favorite movie/musical to the tune of Star Wars, with Syal as the lead. Or maybe you want to draw an imperial propaganda poster either one (or both!) of them on it.

Have fun! This one's a hard one.

3. Talon Karrde/Wedge Antilles

This one's my pet crack ship. It's pretty out there. When I was reading HttE and the X-Wing series, my mother was getting second hand summaries about the characters and events from me during long car rides. At some point, she decided that Iella and Wedge could not be a thing because Wedge and Karrde were already a thing. To this day, I'm not sure where she got that impression, but now I cannot unsee it. Wedge and Karrde are secretly a thing, and it's all my mother's fault.

This ship is loosely fueled by a scene in HttE where Mara gets angry at Karrde for sending her on an errand for a rebel pilot, and a scene in LotF where Karrde and Wedge exit the same taxi together during the send-off for Luke and Ben. These are entirely off the wall occurrences, but my poor shipper brain begs the question why. Why does Mara get angry about going on an errand for a rebel pilot? Why are Wedge and Karrde in the same taxi? Why don't they ever meet, given their proximity to Booster and Mirax? The Rogues?

Clearly they've been dating. It makes Mara roll her eyes. They get out of the same taxi together because, meh, Luke gets it.

Honestly, I'm aware this is complete self indulgent crack fic, so I'm game for whatever you want to write or draw or conjure up for a playlist. This one's here purely for the idea that I may accidentally convince someone else it's not a terrible idea.

4. Cassian Andor/Alexsandr Kallus

Ah. Okay. So. I don't ship Cassian with anyone. And I don't ship Kallus with dudes. But. But. I really like the idea that they come together as Fulcrum agents somewhere between Rebels and Rogue One. Like, oh my god, my heart. My poor, poor, tragic traitor spy babies.

I'm going to assume that if you listed this pairing as something you could create for, you have an idea of what you want to do with this pairing. All power to you. I selected it because I want to see where it would go. I don't really have any headcanons or desires for it.

If -I- had to write for it, I'd probably go with something along the lines of mentor/student, or some kind of spy craft instruction. Maybe Cassian has to infiltrate an Imperial station and Kallus teaches him the correct posture and stance and movements to pass as an officer -- he's ISB, he knows what to look for. Or maybe Cassian recognizes Kallus as someone from his childhood and spends the entire fic testing his loyalty. Oooorr maybe there's something more fluffy in a plot where K-2SO and Kallus argue over Imperial protocols and Cassian has to shut them both down.

If I had to draw something for this pairing, it'd lean toward uniforms (like, IDK, Kallus adjusting Cassian's rank bar) or something with the height difference. Actually, to be perfectly honest, I'd cop out and draw them in a silly Charlie's Angels pose as Fulcrum agents.

5. Jessika Pava/Temmin "Snap" Wexley

I ship Snap and Testor. Part of it is my love for age gap relationships, part of it is the height difference, but most of it is the pilot/nerd thing. I imagine they get into the best geek fights:

Jess: I am the biggest Galactic Expansion fan ever.
Snap: I've been playing longer than you've been alive.
Jess: But have you cosplayed the Goddess of Naboo?
Snap: Of course I have, and the original creator LOVED my genderbend, thankyouverymuch.

I also love that Testor is a huge fangirl? I really want to see her reaction to finding out Snap is Wedge's stepson. Like. YOU FLEW WITH WHO? WHOOO? Oh my god. She would have a tiny fangirl heart attack.

Nerd out on this one, please. Bonus points if Mr. Bones is part of this adventure!

6. Poe Dameron/Rey/Ben Solo | Kylo Ren

I want to live in a world where this is canon.

I've dabbled in writing for this trio but can't quite nail down the chemistry. Most of the TFA fic I've done has been Darkpilot or Reylo and I can't quite nail down the headspace for Rey/Poe. If this is your jam, I would love to see what you can do with it!

I'd like to see a canon compliant fic for this, but I'm also totally down with a First Order AU. My take on the situation is that Ben and Poe knew each other before the Knights of Ren and then both Rey/Poe and Rey/Kylo are equally plausible after TFA.

I like the dynamic that Poe and Ben potentially have, with Poe being the poster child for the Resistance and Kylo being the face of the First Order. I like that they're split down the political pole that is Leia. I could see this being a redemption fic for Kylo -- with Poe and Rey working together so that all three of them can escape the war. I could also see this being something where Rey and Kylo work together for some means and Poe goes to rescue one (or both) of them and gets adopted into the plan.

For a First Order AU, IDK. I kind of imagine Kylo and Rey as unstoppable Force users (NGL, I secretly want Empress Rey here) with their own agenda and Poe as the wingman/enforcer/confidant. I could also go for Poe and Rey as First Order pilots and wherever that takes you.

I'm also game for throwing Hux or Finn into this equation, if that's more your style. Basically, I'm not picky. I just want to see Rey be a badass and Poe be a sarcastic mofo and Kylo being Kylo.

(PS. I really liked Kylo's portrayal in the TFA novelization. He was the only person in the entire story that had his head on his shoulders. He was the exhausted adult. Everyone else was depicted as a squabbling child -- which I didn't like. But I really liked that version of Kylo.)

7. Seyn Marana/Iden Versio

I am so not picky here.

Seyn Marana is my new favorite character. Just. UGH. I love her. I love that she's a tiny badass. I love that she's an academic over achiever. I love that she's cute and perky and that twinkle in her eyes is her sizing you up for lunch. I love that she punches people. I love that she speaks 19 languages. I love that she struggles with violence due to her eidetic memory. I love that she's a sniper? And that she's continually proving people wrong? And that she makes adult decisions? AND SHE'S SO CUTE. Oh my god, I love Seyn. I want more SEYN.

But I also love Iden? I love that Iden's a badass? And she's a perfectionist? And she genuinely loves both of her parents enough to hate them? I love that she's spent her entire life trying to be better than them on her own merits? I love that she meets her team and instantly calculates what their strengths and weaknesses are? I love whatever she and Hask have between them? I love her heartbreak over Seyn? I JUST LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT HER, OKAY?

I don't really ship anyone in Inferno Squad, but I could see any of them pairing up. It would take very little convincing for me to be completely sold on this pairing. Mostly, I just want to see the two of them working together to be total bosses. Are they working together in academy training? Do they meet at some ISB shindig and spend all night taunting each other? Does Iden instinctively rely on Seyn to know all the answers to puzzles she hasn't had time to sort out? Does Seyn secretly fangirl Iden's mom and keep sending Iden requests to parties mom might attend?

Give me an AU where Seyn and Iden make it back to celebrate together. Maybe Iden digs scars and they make out before the ISB fixes Seyn back up.

I. GOSH. Just. Anything with Seyn and Iden.

8. Mirax Terrik/Iella Wessiri

It slays me that these ladies run in the same circles and never really interact with each other. I really want some awesome adventures from Mirax and Iella.

I feel like this pairing has potential as a spy drama or smuggler adventure. I could easily see Iella calling up Mirax and telling her they're going undercover to bust a human trafficking ring and Mirax being a) already at the doorstep and b) holding up two wigs because DRESS UP ADVENTURES.

I could also see this being Mirax calling in a favor with the New Republic and Iella being the intelligence agent that gets tapped for the job. Maybe they need to track down some illicit goods. Maybe Corran did something dumb and they pair up to rescue him. Maybe they need to get Tycho and Winter an anniversary gift and it becomes way more complicated than anyone anticipated.

Here's another thought -- neither of these lovely ladies have resurfaced for the new canon. Given what you know about their backgrounds and personalities, how would you fit them into the new canon? Is Mirax still a smuggler? Is Iella still a cop? Did they swap roles? Did they join forces under Eleodie Maracavanya's banner? Was Mirax liberated from her childhood on Kessel by First Order Security Bureau Agent Wessiri?

I miss my girls. ;_;

9. Mirax Terrik/Mara Jade

NGL. I just want a smarmy pirate adventure where Mara keeps punching dudes and Mirax lifts an eyebrow: "Are you sure you're not Corellian?"

I'm pretty sure Mirax and Mara are roughly the same age. I think it'd be fun to play with the dynamic that they both have smuggler father figures. Maybe Karrde sends Mara on a supply run with Mirax to test her morals with someone he trusts. Or maybe Booster thinks Mirax needs a friend her own age. Or maybe the two just genuinely enjoy stealing a ship and joyriding around the galaxy.

I kind of want to see Booster and Karrde's reactions when they realize their precious baby girls have been sneaking out together. Like ... They're totally cool with either of them smuggling drugs and shooting bounty hunters, but when one of them comes home with a hickey they lose their shit. It would be adorable.

It would also be kind of amazing if either or both of their Force sensitive husbands were aware/supportive of their adventures. Imagine:

Mirax: I'm going out for milk.
Corran: Okay. Remember to take sunblock.
Mirax: (Eyebrow quirk)
Corran: Last time you 'went out for milk', you were gone for three days and Mara came back with a horrible sunburn.
Mirax: (Squints)
Corran: Sunblock's on the counter. Have fun!


Mara: I'm going to go kill some bad guys.
Luke: Okay. Remember to take a spare saber.
Mara: (Eyebrow quirk)
Luke: Last time you went hunting, Mirax didn't stop asking about lightsabers for three days.
Mara: (Squints)
Luke: Saber's on the counter. Have fun!

And ... above all else: HAVE FUN!


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