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Dear Yuletide Author!

You are my favorite person today. No, seriously. It's been a long day and I could really use some fic. I don't know what voodoo the Yuletide peeps bought into to pair us together, but I really hope you have fun toying with our fandom(s). Please, rest assured, I'll love anything you come up with, simply based on the fact that you wrote it. I can't wait to see what springs forth for Christmas. :3

Now that I've buttered you up, here are some things that you should probably know about me: I am a sucker for cheesy humor and unresolved sexual tension. If there's a pun or innuendo that can be slipped into a script, I'm all over it. It doesn't matter how bad you think it sounds! Who cares if our protagonist can save the galaxy as long as he/she is on top of those snappy witticisms!

That isn't to say that I dislike depth or plot. I love it when a story makes me sit back and ponder. I adore morally gray characters like Darth Revan, Commander Shepard and Locke Lamora. Sure, they think they're doing the right thing, but are they really?

I am also a huge fan of personification. If you would like to write a story from the perspective of the Ebon Hawk or Nasca Barsavi's steel toed boots, all power to you.

On the other hand, I am NOT a big fan of sappy romance or self-pity. I may actually be allergic to both. Hives, even. Don't get me wrong: I love pairings, canon and crack! I love it when a character bends over backward for his or her partner. I even enjoy PWP, slash and multi fics! But hate it when a character incessantly whines.

And with that, I wish you luck!



Please keep in mind that the extra information in these prompts are COMPLETELY OPTIONAL. The following fandom explosions were written down specifically with the intention of helping you come up with fuel for your own ideas, not as requirements or expectations. You do not have to follow any of them! This is my first Yuletide fic exchange and I just know I'd prefer receive more information than I need, rather than no input at all.


Gentleman Bastard Sequence - Scott Lynch
(Ezri Delmastro, Nazca Barsavi, Zamira Drakasha)

I'm really not picky about what I get out of this prompt. I listed the girls because they're my favorite part, but I'll be just as happy if you want to write about Chains and Barsavi, or the Berangias sisters, or even original characters!

If you're looking for inspiration, though, here are some musings:

1) What was Nazca's reaction to Locke's relationship with Sabetha? Did she care? Does it make her jealous? Does she even know?

2) Ezri and Zamira have a long history together, but how did it start? Where did they meet and how did Ezri gain Zamira's respect? Have they always gotten along so famously? How did Ezri take to her initiation aboard the ship? What was their first argument about? Who won?

3) Requin and Selendri need an adventure together. What do they do on a date? What do they do for fun? Do they ever dress up and play against the house, just to see how far they get? I think they should totally get stuck in an elevator together.


Mass Effect
(Female Shepard, Jeff "Joker" Moreau, Urdnot Wrex)

I am a huge FemShep/Joker fan. I absolutely adore their sarcastic banter back and forth, and how they're always there to back each other up. I also have a giant soft spot for big, tough, mercenary types like Wrex. I mean, I literally teared up when Shepard and Wrex reunited on Tuchanka. BIG, MANLY TEARS OF BROMANCE.

That being said, I'd prefer to see FemShep/Joker or FemShep/Wrex from this prompt, but I'll be just as happy if you'd rather write about Jack and Miranda's rousing game of strip poker.

If you're looking for inspiration, though, here are some musings:

1) Joker spent two years waiting around for the Lazarus project to make or break his day. What do you think that was like? Did he spend all his time in a med bay, or did he pilot for Cerberus? Do you think he regretted his decision? What fueled his hope?

2) Wrex is a warlord; weakness is kulled from his species. Joker strives to overcome a life threatening disability. How does Wrex feel about Shepard's relationship with a defective human? How does Joker feel about Shepard's relationship with the hulking brute? What happens when the two are left alone together? How do they treat each other when Shepard's away?

3) I think a Mass Effect/Iron Man cross over would be hilariously awesome. Imagine it: Kelly vs Pepper.


Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
(Female Revan, Carth Onasi, Canderous Ordo, HK-47)

My Revan was a scoundrel with light side tendencies. Even after she earned her lightsabers, she still kept her pistols. And, of course, she never got tired of using Jedi Mind Tricks and tormenting innocents with HK-47's programming.

It's been a long time since I've played KOTOR, so I'm game for anything. I do remember thinking the Dark Side path had much more plot bunny potential, though, so how about these:

1) Dark Side Revan reclaims the Starforge and continues on the warpath. Confused by her emotions regarding Malak and Carth's deaths, she chooses Dustil Onasi as her new apprentice. Where does it lead and how long does it last?

2) Canderous and Revan are caught up in the blood lust of a particularly gruesome fight. Revan remembers a glimpse of her wartorn past; how does she respond to it?

3) Carth and Canderous compare battle scars and war stories in an attempt to best/belittle each other. Who wins?


Star Wars: X-wing Series (Novels)
(Wes Janson, Squeaky, Booster Terrik)

You just can't go wrong with anything in this series. Act on your instincts or stretch your boundaries. I'll be happy with pranks, schemes, slice of life or brooding angst! Whatever floats your boat!

The character choices are a little left field, though, so I'll offer my thoughts:

1) Squeaky. I love Squeaky. What is it like to be an emancipated droid in the Star Wars universe? Does anyone take him seriously? What kind of jobs can he get? What kind of job does he want? What's healthcare for droids like? Can he vote? Is his house anything like Bender's (Futurama)? What does he do for fun?

2) Booster Terrik is my kind of smuggler. He secretly reminds me of my dad, which is probably why I'm partial to him. I'd kill for a Booster-out-pirating fic. Does he have a crew? Does he favor particular missions? Is he a thinking man, or does he get down and dirty in a dog fight? Does he take his daughter along with him? A daddy/daughter smuggling fic would be *ADORABLE*.

3) I am of the firm belief that you cannot go wrong with a Wes Janson fic. Just for giggles, let's put Wes in a disguise. Who is he hiding from? An ex-girlfriend? The military police? Someone he tormented earlier in life? Hobbie? Wedge? ...Iella?




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