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Dear Yuletide Author,

Hey. It's been a while. I've had life things occur and I've missed Yuletide for two years. I've felt it. I've felt the nagging hole in my chest where a yuletide treasure should have been. Treasures for others. Ficlets. Rarepairs. OT3s. I've missed them.

And this is important to you because it's important to me that you know how much you mean to me. Yuletide means Christmas. You're perpetuating Christmas. You. Thank you.

No pressure.

Just. Thanks. Thanks for raising your hand. Thanks for firing your synapses for my amusement. Thanks for the dance your fingers do in honor of my fandom.

Thank you.

Now more about me~

There are some things that may be nice to know: I love cheesy humor and unresolved sexual tension. I adore really horrible puns and punch lines that you can see a mile away. I love adventures. I love con men. I love all the lovely warm hearted people who are really cold hearted professionals -- Bounty hunters, assassins, sky pirates, gamblers -- you get the picture.

I also revel those kicks in the chest that fanfic authors love to deliver. I like wondering if my protagonist is going to survive. I like wondering how choices rob them of sleep. I love depth and angst, and crying over where things are going to wind up.

But I also love butt jokes. So sue me.

If you don't feel comfortable focusing on a particular character, I'm also a huge fan of anthropomorphism, gender-bending, and other such AUs. If you'd rather re-tell Red vs Green from the perspective of Lupin's Walther P-38 special instead of orchestrating a heist, I'm down with that. If you'd like to convert the Gentlemen Bastard Sequence into a musical, I'm down with that. If you'd like to write about how Iron Gwen completely ruined Virgil "Pepper" Potts' career as a male-model, I'm totally down with that. I'll take ship fic, I'll take fluff, I'll take porn, I'll take parody, I'll take haiku -- whatever floats your boat.

Be yourself. Have fun.


The Gentlemen Bastard Sequence - Scott Lynch
(Ezri Delmastro, Zamira Drakasha)

What makes a novel series about con men better? Pirates. What makes pirates even better? Pirate ladies. I loved Lies of Locke Lamora, but I absolutely reveled in Red Seas under Red Skies. It had pirate ladies. And they were bad asses. I got the impression that Ezri and Zamira had a history together, mostly that Zamira had taken Ezri under her wing at some point, and really wanted to know more about that. Where did they meet? What have they done? Was there a heist involved? A card game? Why is Ezri so attached to Zamira's kids? I bet there's a tearjerker in there.

I'm also completely down for alternate universe versions of either of these characters. How about western gunslingers? Or internet pirates that have slowly taken over their favorite Starbucks? Have they trained the patrons not to aggravate Zamira's kids during homework time?

Have at. You can't go wrong.


Gwen Variants
(Gwen Stacy)

Okay. Dark secret: I never followed Spider-Man.

Something about Peter Parker and Mary Jane always turned me off. I didn't like the comics, I didn't like the cartoons, I didn't like the movies -- but then! Then Gwen Stacy appeared in a cartoon and I fell in love. Young, smart, sassy, blonde -- she's amazing. So I started reading the comics where she's featured and ... she dies. Talk about a let down.

But you know what? I absolutely love Spider-Gwen. I love the whole idea of Gwen working in a lab and getting bit by the radioactive spider instead of Peter. I love that Gwen is part of a band. I love that her dad is still a cop, but not just any cop, THE COP chasing down THAT RASCALLY SPIDER-WOMAN. I love all of the references to other characters, like the Mary Janes vs the Black Cat battle of the bands posters. I just. UGH. I LOVE SPIDER-GWEN.

Hey. You know what would make Spider-Gwen even better? If she was OTHER CHARACTERS. I love Iron Man; Iron Gwen would fucking rock! Gwenverine? Gweneto? Gwenpool? Shut up and take my money. If I had to steer the yulegoat into a particular direction, I'd like to see Iron Gwen or Gwengela. But I really won't complain about any of it. Heck - I'd squeal like a teenager over G.W.E.N.D.O.K. I've done it. I'll do it again.



Lupin III
(Arsene Lupin III, Jigen Daisuke)

Gosh, I love Lupin. I love the sass. I love the confidence. I love the womanizing. I love the exaggerated proportions. I love the madman giggle in every language. I love his stupid hairy monkey hands.

I love that the show is so predictable that they have to pull a plot twist out of their ass in order to keep the viewer guessing. I also love various facets of friendship and trust that are showcased on the show -- There is absolutely no reason for Lupin to still be chasing Fujiko after all these years, but he does. There's absolutely no reason for Fujiko to put up with the boys, but she does. There's absolutely no reason for a samurai and an ace gunman to play second fiddle to an international doofus, but they do. They just do. I love that they do.

I also love entertaining the idea that Jigen and Lupin are a thing, and that Fujiko is a catalyst. I love all of the characters individually, or paired, or paired in a group, or dressed up as kittens to scale the Eifel tower. Does it make sense? NO. IT DOESN'T HAVE TO. IT'S LUPIN.

So have fun. Dress them up. Dress them down. Shoot things. Don't shoot things. Steal my heart.


I really hope this helps! I will love anything and everything you decide to share.

And, if you have any questions, feel free to leave anonymous bits in my Tumblr Ask Box.



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