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Dear Yuletide Author,

Thank you for volunteering your time to perpetuate the under loved fandoms! Yuletide is, without a doubt, my favorite part of the holidays. October rolls around and I bury myself in a pile of blankets and write away all my problems in the form of gifts and treats. It's the best. I wish everyone could feel this elation for sharing in fandom endeavors! I hope you enjoy it! I hope you have fun! I hope you return next year! Welcome!

Okay, now onto the guts:
If you're reading this, you're probably looking for some insight and inspiration for what to write for your Yuletide assignment. Fear not! I will not bite. My promise to you is to love ANYTHING you come up with! I have a whole bag of giddy squeals and extra exclamation marks set aside right here with your name on it. But since you're looking...

- Cheesy humor.
Puns. Word play. Butt jokes. Situations so predictably terrible that you groan. (That's what she said!)

- Morally gray characters.
Heroes and villains are best when they're morally conflicted. They're dedicated to their cause, but the path to righteousness isn't always clear or painless. Bounty hunters that sell guns to drug dealers but then actively campaign against slavery. Workaholic cops who protect their partners and still manage to let their favorite thieves go. Jedi who embrace the dark side because their passion drives them. These are my favorite characters.

- Swagger.
I have a serious soft spot for scoundrels. Han Solo, Lupin III, Victor Sullivan, Chloe Frazer, Dutch, and Sam Axe to name a few. They'll light your cigarette, flash a smile, and steal your heart. No complaints: YOLO.

- Dangerous women.
Competent violence in tiny packages is one of my favorite things. I love kickass ladies like Dutch from Killjoys, The Bride from Kill Bill, Miranda Lawson from Mass Effect, Morrigan from Dragon Age, or anything that Geena Davis starred in during the 90s. They love you so much, they'll kill you last.

- Personification/Anthropomorphism.
I'm a sucker for background characters, including weapons and ships.

- Angst, H/C, whump.
I'm an asshole. I like it when characters get psychologically or physically bloodied. Jigen gets shot in the chest? I'm in. Talon Karrde's informant gets murdered and there's nothing he can do about it but seethe? I'm in. Cayde-6 has flashback when he sees a rose, then spends the next 900 words trying to remember why that's important? I'm doooowwwn.

- Relationships.
One-sided. Two-sided. Three-sided. Multi-ships. Platonic ships. Hetero life partners. Nurturing ships. Toxic ships. Revenge ships. Rare pairs. Crack ships. WTFs. Yo dog, I heard you like ships, so I shipped your ships.

- Explicit body torture.
I'm cool if someone loses an eye, but I really don't need to know about the popping sound it makes. Thanks, George R. R. Martin.

- Bathroom kinks.
Please refrain from trying to make menstruation, urine, and/or feces sexy.

- Inflation/Force Feeding.
It's cool if that's your thing, but it's not mine.

- Pregnancy.
It's cool if that's your thing, but it's not mine.

- Infantilism.
It's cool if that's your thing, but it's not mine.

- A/B/O.
I'm old and do not understand A/B/O. I like werewolves, so if you want to go with a pack mentality AU, I'm cool. But keep in mind: I don't understand Omegaverse at all.

- Pining. Whining. Self-pity.
Anakin Skywalker's a great character until he starts crying about sand.

Prompt: Destiny
I'm in love with Cayde-6. He's snarky, adventurous, tragic, and definitely has that space cowboy vibe to play off of. He's a gambler, a joker, and has a fantastic playing card aesthetic going on.

I'd love to see something in the space cowboy vein for this fic, but I'm also down for an AU or tragedy. Heck, a Cayde-6/Reader fic could be adorable!

Here are some ideas to play with:

- A hunt gone terribly wrong. Maybe he wins a treasure map from a card game, or encounters an abandoned freighter somewhere out on patrol. A sense of adventure drives him forward, but reality is much stranger.

- Something heartbreaking and tragic. Maybe he's carved a name into a bullet. Does he recognize the name? Is it someone special, or someone special? Plot twist: it's his own! -- but does he realize it?

- Various interviews with the dev team have touched on the concept that Cayde-6 was originally a host body for Rasputin. How does the story change if a rogue Warmind is randomly possessing Guardians? What happens to the host?


Prompt: Lupin III
(Arsène Lupin, Jigen Daisuke, Mine Fujiko)
I love Lupin. Lupin is this bizarre accidental melting pot of cultural references: designed after the American Mad Magazine art style and humor, named after the French literary figure who matched wits with Sherlock Holmes, he speaks fluent Japanese because he's a Japanese character, and he has this great Italian swagger. The character himself is smarmy and womanizing, but also modern and sensitive. Jigen is a hardass with a heart of gold. Fujiko is an independent woman who has learned how to use her body to survive. They're all a boatload of psychological issues, but they're fabulous together and completely loyal (even when they're not).

I'm on a Fujiko/Jigen kick. I'm also on a Lupin/Fujiko/Jigen kick. A fic for either ship would be absolutely fantastic. I'm also down for Lupin/Fujiko, Lupin/Jigen, casefic, or genfic. I'm good with 5+1s, AUs, and musicals. Seriously, Lupin is one of those fandoms that swings any way you want it.

Here are some ideas to play with:

- Spy AU. Fujiko's a 007 type spy. Lupin and Jigen are Bond girls. Maybe Rebecca Rossellini makes an appearance as the young and competent Bond villain. Diamonds and superweapons are involved. It was just a kiss, Moneypenny. ...or was it?

- Fujiko/Jigen. Jigen's fiercely loyal and has a soft spot for women that kick his ass. I wonder if Fujiko ever gets in over her head with the mafia and Jigen knows exactly what she's getting into. I can almost hear him cursing -- "I'm too old for this shit!" -- while he ties off a gunshot wound and ducks into an alley to head off a problem. Bonus points if they manage to keep the whole thing a secret from Lupin, or if Lupin was mysteriously in on the thing the entire time and wanted to see the two work it out.

- Lupin/Fujiko/Jigen. Hear me out on this one: You're new to the force. You drew the short straw and got stuck staking out the hideout of the notorious thief: Arsène Lupin III. You've witnessed three suspects entering and exiting the building, so you bugged their place. But their activities are so bizarre and childish that you cannot believe they're international con men. The man labeled "master of disguise" sticks out like a sore thumb in his brightly colored polyester suits from the 70s. The "mafia hitman" acts like a retired librarian, and you're pretty sure he just dressed down a hipster for giving lip to the Starbucks barista. That "serial seductress" the chief warned you about? She has lipstick on her collar ??? This is Interpol Undercover and you've been PUNKED.


Prompt: Star Wars Legends: The Thrawn Trilogy
(Talon Karrde)

Talon Karrde is fabulous. He's a shrewd businessman and comes off as a bit of a cold fish, but then he has a thing for puppies, puns, and pretty ladies. When reading the Thrawn trilogy, I got the distinct impression that he'd charmed Mara Jade and Leia Organa. Maybe even Luke. The man exudes confidence and trust, despite his cool and calculating exterior.

In Zahn's short stories, we see a young and trusting version of Talon Karrde getting in over his head with cartel bosses during a big-game hunt. We see a man appalled by the brutality of killing sentient beings for sport, mortified by the death of his friend and partner, and blindly trusting a strange woman with his life. We also see a mature and paternal Talon Karrde who discovers Mara's been tricked into a slavery operation. She rescues herself and saves the day, but Karrde's on top of shit: providing Noghri assassins to enforce her superiority, while also coldly promising to enjoy every moment of the physical and entrepreneurial dismemberment he's about to inflict on the offending party.

I love that it is so easy to forget that Karrde's one of the bad guys. He's loyal and protective and there for his buddy Skywalker! ... but he's also a crime lord, complete with hackers, assassins, drug abuse, dogs that hunt people, and rogue Jedi. It's sweet that he walked Mara Jade down the aisle at her wedding, but I would not be surprised to hear he had someone's hands chopped off on his way through.

So here are some plot bunnies that I've been kicking around, for your consideration:

- Petnames that didn't stick. Starry Ice, Uwanna Buyer, Wild Karrde, Hart & Seoul -- Talon Karrde has a thing for cute names. What if, much to the chagrin of his underworld minions, there has been a long list of notoriously bad puns. Perhaps he blew an assassin's cover by calling them "Trigger". Imagine him being interrogated for information about Luke Skywalker and him spinning a yarn about the exploits of "Rouge Squadron". Maybe he hates puns and Chin has been taunting him for years.

- Hair styles. Every artist who has drawn Talon Karrde has given him a vastly different hair style. He's depicted as a swashbuckling pirate with short spiky black hair and a handlebar mustache in Rebellion. He's a red headed Lemmy Killmeister in Galaxies. He has an impressive WWE goatee with long locks and salt and pepper temples in Heir to the Empire. And he has the wrong eye color when he's pretending to be Dr. Strange. Who does his hair? Is he proud of his hair? Does he have a personal stylist? Does his crew give him shit for it? I'm sure there's 1,000 words hidden in this train of thought.

- Character death. Imagine Karrde's enjoying a sabacc game and a brandy, someone gets handy with the wait staff, and he shoots them. Maybe he gets carried away and pummels someone. Perhaps a colleague dies on his watch. What goes through his mind? How does he unwind/atone? How did news of Mara's death affect him?

Prompt: Star Wars Legends: X-Wing Series
(Wes Janson, Derek "Hobbie" Klivian, Iella Wessiri)

Wes Janson is my #1 Space Husband, so anything that you want to write including him will make my day. He's a goofball, but also on point when the situation requires it. I love how easily he will switch from making butt jokes to precision killshots. It's easy to write him off as a clown, but he's complicated. Under the pick up lines and crude jokes, there's a fighter whose first kill was a terrified team mate. The squadron he trained was brutally destroyed in an ambush, and his own droid (with him at the helm!) was reprogrammed to kill Luke Skywalker.

Hobbie is Wes Janson's wing man. He's his room mate, his partner, and arguably his boyfriend. Hobbie's the dour one; the realist. He's the straight man to Janson's comedy. He's also a competent fighter and attentive friend. I love the fics that portray Hobbie as the secret hero, saving the squad from their follies and keeping everyone's ducks in a row.

Iella is the best. She's smart, funny, cute, dedicated, competent -- she's a law enforcement officer and super spy, but also has time to effortlessly diffuse Janson's distractions and still be secret agent mother of two. She has a ton of potential to be a badass, but she's often written off as the wife figure. I'd love to see her in the spotlight, holding her own.

Here are some fic ideas to kick around:

- H/C role reversal. Hobbie is notorious for being the injured one, with Wes bemoaning how boring life is while he's playing hookie. I'd like to see the table turned, with Wes out injured and Hobbie stealing the spotlight. Maybe Wes crashes his ship and Hobbie talks him through triage based on his personal experiences. Maybe Wes gets laid out in a firefight and Hobbie completes their mission while he's getting treatment. Bonus points if Hobbie jokes that the injuries aren't as serious as Wes thinks (extra points if they are twice as bad).

- Iella being a badass. Someone goes on a risky mission and gets captured. As the resident Intelligence Officer and decorated Corsec agent, Iella gets tapped to rescue them. Does she go in, guns blazing? Does she drop in from the air ducts, Mission Impossible style? Does she pose as a rival crime boss and strike a deal, recovering the target(s) and bagging the baddie? Anything is possible with Iella at the helm!

- TFA Crossover. I'm really curious where Wes, Hobbie, and Iella would be in the new canon. Wedge and Hobbie were recruited to the Rebellion by Fulcrum. Wedge's new canon depicts him as a Republic pilot courting Norra Wexley and mentoring Snap Wexley. Iella hasn't been mentioned. Perhaps Iella is Fulcrum? Maybe Iella is an imperial intelligence officer feeding information to the rebels? Maybe Iella's a psychologist that helps Brentin through his brainwashing? Wes is back to being the snowspeeder gunner from ESB. Where did he go after Hoth? Does he still know Hobbie? The Tierfon Yellow Aces make several appearances in the new canon; is Wes carrying on their legacy? Does he know Raeh Dosmit? Did he survive the Battle of Jakku? Does he train Jessika Pava?

Prompt: Uncharted
(Chloe Frazer, Victor Sullivan)

I'm charmed by Sully's old man antics. He has attitude and swagger, and he genuinely cares for the people around him, including Catherine. He's also attentive and loyal, watching out for Elena and Nate, and their relationship. I love how Sully's first impression of Elena is that she's bad news and Nate needs to ditch her, and his lasting impression is that she's the best thing Nate's got and he needs to hold onto her. I also love that he's still the go-to guy for questionable activities after Nate's gone straight in Uncharted 4.

I miss Chloe! I wanted to see more Chloe in Uncharted 4. I wanted to see her pick up a missile launcher and blow up a tower in Scotland. I wanted to see her show up and conveniently be fluent in Spanish. I wanted to see her make an appearance as an expert in Australian pirate shipwrecks. Ah well. I miss her.

Have some prompts!

- Young Sully Adventures! I have a hard time imagining young Sully getting muddied up crawling through temples for ancient treasure. He strikes me as more of a debonair con man, charming hearts and breaking banks in his globe trotting adventures. How about a story that borrows from Two Faces of January or French Kiss, where our dashing protagonist takes advantage of a young woman/couple traveling abroad? Maybe he charms someone into unwittingly smuggling goods across some international waters, or he's posing as a translator for a successful banking executive as part of a heist?

- Stunt Double Chloe. In her infinite genius and love for explosions, Chloe poses as a popular heiress who is convinced she is getting set up for a coup. Turns out she was right! A meeting evolves into a firefight and Chloe gets to shoot up an expensive building. She thwarts the plot, turns the tables, saves the family business, earning a sizeable reward for doing it in style.

- Sully/Chloe team up! I ship it, but the genfic potential is endless! I think it would be a blast to have Chloe and Sully get stuck in an elevator together. Bonus points if they break out of the elevator and into a hostage situation, like a bank holdup or a Die Hard heist. Maybe they work together to thwart the bad guys, or maybe they sit back and critique their captors for their amateur performance.


I really hope this helps! Remember: OPTIONAL DETAILS ARE OPTIONAL!

If you have any questions, feel free to leave anonymous bits in my Tumblr Ask Box.



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